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Zehnder ComfoSpot 50 Heat Recovery 527007210, CSP50-PRM-PLS 1 Year Warranty

Zehnder ComfoSpot 50 Heat Recovery 527007210, CSP50-PRM-PLS 1 Year Warranty

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ComfoSpot 50

Heat Recovery Unit

The ComfoSpot 50 is a compact and stylish looking heat recovery ventilation unit that is ideal for single rooms and small living spaces. Its efficient enthalpy exchanger achieves excellent thermal energy recovery while maximising indoor comfort and creating healthier indoor living spaces.

Ultra Compact – Maximum Performance

The decentralised ComfoSpot 50 includes a unique and highly efficient enthalpy exchanger that extracts the thermal energy from the exhaust air as well as dehumidifies in environments with high moisture content. The enthalpy exchanger also ensures the external façade stays clean and dry by eliminating the formation of any condensation. The exchanger is easily cleaned with water and its membrane prevents odours from being transferred from the exhaust to the supply air.

The modern and ultra slim design of the ComfoSpot 50 features an easy to use control panel that is integrated into the unit housing. The control panel can be positioned at the top or bottom of the unit to ensure all functions are easy to reach and operate.

Innovative design efficient operation

The ComfoSpot 50 provides a well ventilated indoor space with simple and quiet operation. Its housing is made of heat retaining and noise attenuating EPP (expanded polypropylene) material which maximises energy recovery while reducing noise output. ComfoSpot 50 comes fitted with two G4 filters (one for exhaust air and one for supply air) that are easily replaced from inside the living space. It also comes with a high quality EC motor driven fan that ensures efficient operation and reliable performance.

Installation has been made easy with the ComfoSpot 50, as it only requires a main power supply and a small wall opening using the square tube provided. There is also no need for a condensate drain hose and base plates simply mount to the wall making fitment even easier.The interior and exterior cover plates can be painted to match wall colours and discreetly blend into the surrounding environment.Having all the technology hidden within the wall allows the system to be completely duct free and retain its sleek contemporary look.

  • Modern and ultra slim design
  • Intuitive control panel provides 4 speed fan adjustments and operation of supply/exhaust air
  • Provides continuous fresh air at a maximum 55 m3/h air flow volume
  • G4 filter supplied as standard, optional F7 supply air filter also available
  • Supply and exhaust air openings can be closed off manually if required
  • Works in temperatures as low as -5 °C without the need for a preheater
  • Filter replacement alerts makes maintenance easier
  • Achieves up to 82% heat recovery and up to 78% humidity recovery
  • High performance, wind resistant fans
  • Optional humidity, CO2 and VOC sensor boards available
  • Optional sensor boards are available for the ComfoSpot 50 that allow the unit to change its air flow volume according to demand. Sensor boards help avoid the air quality falling below preset levels and therefore maintain a healthy, more comfortable living space. The following sensor boards available:

  • Humidity
  • Humidity and VOC
  • Humidity and Co₂
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