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AIR VACUUM, BLOW GUN Grizzly Storm 9000 Metal Grizzly, Dunnage Bags Safe Sargo

AIR VACUUM, BLOW GUN Grizzly Storm 9000 Metal Grizzly, Dunnage Bags Safe Sargo

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Filling device GrizzlyStorm 9000 full metal for quick filling of the GrizzlyBag ®

The GrizzlyStorm  9000 full metal filling device is ideal for quickly filling the GrizzlyBag ®  dunnage bags in rough working environments . The robust metal body also forgives a somewhat rough handling. Even falls from a small height cannot harm the filling device.

To fill, the  metal connector is  simply pulled back and pressed onto the valve of the dunnage bag. As a result, the connector snaps tightly into place on the dunnage bag. Within a few seconds , the air flows into the dunnage bag until it completely fills the loading gap. Pull the connector back again and release it from the dunnage bag.

Complete! Your transported goods are now reliably protected against slipping and tipping over .


availability reusable
material metal
Colors) silver black
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