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AVK PN16 DN80 DI500/7 Double Orifice Air Valves 851-080-20-523000 BRAND NEW 2020

AVK PN16 DN80 DI500/7 Double Orifice Air Valves 851-080-20-523000 BRAND NEW 2020

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AVK ref. no. DN
weight / kg
851-080-20-523000 80 345 236 111 222 32

Air relief valve, ABS internal parts, EPDM seals, for water and neutral liquids 

ABS float/guide/seat, EPDM seal, Drinking water applications, Flange drilling

Connection: Flanged
Material: Ductile Iron

PN: PN16

AVK series 851 double orifice, triple action air valves are designed to allow air to rapidly either escape or enter the pipe system whe.

n filling or draining, as well as for automatic discharge of accumulated air during normal working conditions. The unique ‘Aerokinetic’ design allows air to rush out of the system at great speed without forcing the float upwards and closing it prematurely. This makes sure that the valve closes only after all air has left the system and water has entered the chamber.
All iron components are protected with fusion bonded epoxy coating in a GSK-approved process to ensure high durability. All other components are made of either WRAS approved polymer material or stainless steel to reduce corrosion risk even further. All seals are made of WRAS approved EPDM rubber featuring an excellent compression set and ability to regain its original shape.


  • A clever float design prevents air rushing out of the system from prematurely closing the valve
  • Large air flow capacity
  • Vented non return (VNR) valve, allows free inflow and restricted outflow
  • Ductile iron parts coated with GSK approved fusion bonded epoxy
  • Internal components are EPDM or ABS, WRAS approved
  • No moving parts are touching the internal coating
  • The complete product is approved for drinking wate
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