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Kehua SPI 5000 Single Phase Inverter SPI 5000-B2

Kehua SPI 5000 Single Phase Inverter SPI 5000-B2

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• More power, more earnings, more PV power (135% installation) and higher temperature derating (≥45 ºC)
• High efficiency inverter topology with the maximum efficiency up to 98.2%
• Advanced control algorithms and high adaptation ability to the grid, improving the stability of power generation system

 Safety and Reliability:
• Aluminum alloy die-casting integrated chassis, capable of operating in harsh natural environment
• Super-wide operating temperature range: -40ºC~60ºC, being the industry’s first cold-resistant inverter

 Minimal Installation Costs:
• Small size, easy to install and use
• Natural cooling, ensuring low environmental noise

 Intelligent Management:
• Intelligent cloud platform monitoring, realizing one-key APP real-time monitoring
• Support RS485, GPRSWIFI and other communication methods
• Smart feed-in control via smart meter

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