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Overfill Dummy Probes DP300 Series PART N 4008 Australia uses DP305

Overfill Dummy Probes DP300 Series PART N 4008 Australia uses DP305

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The DP300 Series is an accurate and reliable electronic dummy probe for 2-wire optic and thermistor overfill protection systems.

Dummy probes are used when a tanker has fewer compartments than the number of channels on the gantry overfill monitor. The DP30x provides a simulation signal to unused channels in order to obtain a permissive signal from the gantry monitor.

The DP300 Series can simulate up to 7 compartments and is available in both 5 channel and 7 channel models.

Note: Australia uses DP305 only.


Features & Benefits
  • Designed in compliance with EN13922.
  • Available with five channels (DP305) or seven channels (DP307).
  • Power supply is intrinsically safe from industry standard 2 wire gantry monitor via gantry plug when truck is connected.
  • IECEx and ATEX certification for installation in zone 1 hazardous areas.
  • Can be mounted in truck plug or junction box.
  • IP67 rated.
  • Compatible with 2 wire optic and thermistor overfill systems.
  • Can be used as replacement in other industry standard overfill systems.
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