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Panduit MMP350-C Cable Markers TIES Plate Wire Labels 316 STAINLESS STEEL 100pic

Panduit MMP350-C Cable Markers TIES Plate Wire Labels 316 STAINLESS STEEL 100pic

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Panduit MMP350-C Cable Markers

SIZE= 0.75 X 3.5 INCH =199MM X 889MM

Permanent identification solutions enable reliable, comprehensive identification in harsh and industrial environments.Panduit MMP350-C Cable Markers

The Panduit permanent identification system delivers long-term durability and legibility for optimum identification of pipes, conduit, cables and equipment.

Featuring on-site custom marking tools,

these systems offer portability for permanent identification on demand.

Panduit also offers custom marking service for embossed and laser etched marker plates,
ags, and ties to speed installation time, reduce labor costs and keep projects on schedule.

Panduit Permanent Identification System Key Features Benefits Stainless Steel and Aluminum Marker Plates, Tags,
and Cable Ties Broad offering of metal materials available for marker plates and cable ties Choose the best metal material to meet the requirements of the application
Easy feed cable tie slot Raised slot provides easy cable tie insertion to speed installation (available on select marker plates).
Patented Self-locking cable tie design Reduces the number of
installation steps required to provide lowest installed cost Smooth cable tie cut-off Eliminates
burrs and sharp edges after installation to protect installer and
adjacent bundles Smooth surfaces and rounded edges
Protects the cable bundle and the installer for improved productivity, job site safety, and reliability On-Site

Custom Marking Tools Automatic embossing system
The system automatically creates raised characters on stainless steel and aluminum marker plates and tags,
and easily using Easy-Mark Plus™ Labeling Software,Panduit MMP350-C Cable Markers
to deliver maximum visibility for applications that are exposed to dirt and paint Metal embossing
hand tool and tape system (MEHT187)
Multi-functional cutting die design creates embossed
marker plates with raised cable tie slot in one step instead of three,
for faster installation Lightweight and portable,
easily moves from one job site to another; this system embosses 3/16” characters onto stainless steel or aluminum tape,
to improve visibility in applications that are subjected to dirt or paint Metal indenting machine Stable bench top tool safely indents on a wide variety of marker plates,Panduit MMP350-C Cable Markers

tags, ties and straps to provide quick identification Permanent Identification System Key Features Benefits Panduit Custom Marking Service Custom marking service Creates embossed or laser etched
metal plates, tags,

Panduit MMP350-C Cable Markers

and ties to speed installation time a
nd reduce labor costs Rapid shipment worldwide.

Provides quick product availability to the job site to keep projects on
schedule Embossing capability Creates raised characters for maximum
visibility in applications that are exposed to dirt and paint Laser etching capability Provides crisp,

high quality text and graphics for improved visibility Applications Cable Identification Pipe Identification Valve/Device Identification

General Mechanical Identification Technical Information Pan-Steel® Stainless Steel, Marker Plates, Tags, and Cable Ties Pan-Alum™ Aluminum Marker Plates and Cable
Panduit MMP350-C Cable Markers

Ties Brass Tags Material: 304 and 316 Grade Stainless Steel Aluminum –
Natural and Anodized Brass Maximum temperature rating: 538°C (1000°F) 100°C (212°F) 150°C (302°F)

Minimum temperature rating: -80°C (-112°F) -80°C (-112°F) -80°C (-112°F)
RoHS: Compliant Compliant Compliant Flammability: Non-flammable Non-flammable Non-flammable Ultraviolet light resistance:

Excellent Good Excellent 2 Marker Plates and Tags •
Provides permanent identification of pipes,
conduit, valves, cables,
and equipment in harsh environments
Panduit MMP350-C Cable Markers

• Delivers long life when exposed to chemicals, vibration, radiation, weathering, and extreme temperatures

• Available in Stainless Steel, Aluminum, or Brass materials

• Designed for use with Pan-Steel® Stainless Steel Cable Ties for fast installation at lowest installed cost

• For on-site custom marking use with Panduit embossing or indenting systems Style A Style B Style C Style D

Permanent Identification System Part Number Style Material Length/ Diameter Width/ Diameter Thickness Used with Pan-Steel® 
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