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Skylotec Skysafe Pro Flex Shock Absorbing Lanyard OHS Workplace Safety 23MM 1.8M

Skylotec Skysafe Pro Flex Shock Absorbing Lanyard OHS Workplace Safety 23MM 1.8M

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SKYSAFE PRO - 23mm gate steel double action snap hooks on each end.


Revolutionary, new energy absorber with the large weight range from 50 - 140kg (110 - 310 lbs.) that always withstands a maximum impact of less than 6 kN at a maximum absorber length of 1.75m (5.7 Feet).

The final impact resistance of 22 kN, also in the absorber, before AND after a fall is exceptional as well.

SKYSAFE PRO furthermore meets the most relevant international standards in one SINGLE product.

UNIQUE: The built-in, adjustable RESCUE LOOPS!

As a result, rescuers need not set up a rescue system and hereby save precious time in a rescue!

Available in four versions with different carabiner combinations:

I-web, Y-web, I-web tie-back, Y-web tie-back.

Length: 1.8 m

Max weight capacity: 140 KG

Colour: grey / black

Art. no. L-AUS-0590-1,8
EAN 4030281186922
Internat. standard AS/NZS 1891.1:2007
Fall indicator Yes
Breaking load, major axis 23,00 kN
E-class number 40-02-01-04
Hand-washing 40 °C
Suitable for edges yes
Max. service life 10 Years
Max. number of persons 1
Rated load 140 KG
Rescue Loop yes
Temperature 45 °C - -35 °C
Suspension element BAND
Customs no. 56090000
Size 1,8m
Weight 1,28 kg
On the lanyard ends SNAP HOOK 23kN
On the shock pack SNAP HOOK 23kN
Material Polyester, Steel
Webbing material Polyester
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