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Truck 5069 Plugs 10 pin TP104 as standard built to EN13922 or API RP 1004 liquip

Truck 5069 Plugs 10 pin TP104 as standard built to EN13922 or API RP 1004 liquip

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Liquip offers truck plugs with added ground assurance to suit 2 wire and 5 wire overfill systems with 3 or 4 pin bayonet fastening (J-slots).

The industry standard 10 pin overfill protection is interchangeable with others of the same type and incorporates no-cost wiring connectors which ensure the tanker is bonded to the gantry so long as the plug body is correctly mounted. This dissipates static electricity and prevents sparks due to differences in potential.

The design of Liquip's truck plugs is unique in that it ensures grounding of the tanker to the gantry by using the mounting bolts inside the truck plug.

The TP104 series of truck plugs features a hard-coated nose ring and J-slots for longer service life.

Features & Benefits
  • 3 and 4 bayonet style J-slots fixing to industry standard.
  • 10 pin as standard.
  • Allows for overfill protection with added ground assurance.
  • Sufficient room to easily install and mount dummy probe as required in 2 wire systems.
  • Stainless Steel nose ring and J-slots for longer service life (TP104).
  • Offers compatibility with virtually all terminals built to EN13922 or API RP 1004.

-Stainless steel nose cone (TP104) / Aluminium nose cone (TP103).
-Stainless steel pins and terminator.
-Acetal mounting block.
-Aluminium body and cover plate.
-PVC cap. Order separately, see below.

Mounting by 2 stainless steel bolts 8mm dia via acetal insulating bushes.

3 and 4 bayonet fixing to industry standard.

Conduit ports 1/2” NPT (straight) thread, two options.10 pin as standard.

5069: Truck Plug Socket Dust Cap - Blue. 

DP305: 5 Channel Dummy Probe for 2 wire systems.

DP307: 7 Channel Dummy Probe.

LDP202: Aluminium 2 wire Overfill Probe.

LDP205: Aluminium 5 wire Overfill Probe.

GP100 Series: Overfill Gantry Plugs.

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