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Ugo Catheter Valve - Box of 5

Ugo Catheter Valve - Box of 5

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Ugo Catheter Valves are comfortable to wear, discreet, easy to apply and designed in detail for safety and security. These valves enable patients to continue living independent lives confidently. They can be used with either suprapubic or indwelling urethral catheters. 

Ugo Catheter Valve Features

  • Prevents accidental opening due to their safety lever, and consequently provides extra security and peace of mind
  • Has Universal stepped connector which securely fits into all catheter materials
  • Its 180° lever handle facilitates single-handed operation
  • Its easy-to-open pouch packaging ensures safe use in sterile areas
  • Manufactured from high-grade, durable and medical PVC (polyvinyl Chloride) and appropriate for use for up to seven days
  • Ergonomically designed shape without any sharp edges leading to easy handling and reducing the risk of skin trauma
  • Soft silicone tubing making it suitable for attaching to an overnight drainage bag or leg bag


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