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Ugo Sleeve Leg Bag Holder Box of 4 Medium - Large - X Large All Sizes

Ugo Sleeve Leg Bag Holder Box of 4 Medium - Large - X Large All Sizes

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Ugo Sleeves are designed for providing secure and reliable leg bag fixation without the need for unnecessary tube holes. These sleeves are comfortable, durable, highly supportive and effective in precluding the disconnection of the link drainage system and in infection reduction. Ugo sleeves can be applied for supporting leg bags attached to urethral catheters, urinary sheath systems and suprapubic catheters.

Ugo Fix Sleeves Features

  • Washable
  • Made from fiber blends ensuring durability and strength
  • Contour to leg shape design which is effective in distribution of urine and reduction of noise
  • You can control expansion when the bag is filling using the sleeves' graduated lines of concentrated elastane
  • Have external seams preventing skin damage and providing comfort
  • Their strengthened outlet hole ensures continuous support and fixation
  • Their color-coded top seam ensures correct fitting and re-ordering
  • Available in a range of sizes suiting different patients
  • Prevent the disconnection of the link drainage system 
  • Ideally complement Ugo Fix Catheter Sharp and Ugo Fix Gentle
  • Provided with a laundry bag to use when washing and a tape measure to make sure the size is appropriate 
  • Provided with IFU
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